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I love Artists, Movies, Reading, Walt Disney and laughing often and loudly! Have a fabulous day! #LaughingRedhead #WaltDisneyIsMyHero



Musical Theatre, Pop, Voice, Speech Arts, Piano, Choirs

“Marion Abbott is the best! My daughter has had the pleasure of being adjudicated by Marion on two occasions. Marion’s knowledge and expertise paired with her passion and humour make her a perfect adjudicator. She has a way of offering constructive criticism in a fun and positive way that elicits the best performance possible. I look

forward to any opportunities my daughter may have to work with her.” - Niagara Voice and Musical Theatre Festival



"Marion was professional, knowledgeable and attentive. The kids were treated to her amazing, non-stop energy - she is an inspiring speaker and a joy to watch! Marion spent time with each of the children and they each received very helpful tips and techniques to take away with them and continue their musical journeys."

Marion's 30 years of teaching experience have made her empathetic, knowledgeable, determined and hilarious to work with.



As a consultant, Marion brings her vast experiences as a Producer, Director, Teacher, Talent Agent and Parent to the table. She is available to consult on creative projects and artistic journeys, both big and small.



Marion has created dozens of shows and events including The Beatles: A Tribute, 'Christmas Joy!' and Music Marathon For Sick Kids Hospital. She has also dramatized numerous Canadian books for the stage. Find out how Marion can help your company's next event or fundraiser.



Marion writes books for Arts Educators, Artists and Parents of Artistic Children. All of her titles are available on Amazon. Her most popular book is 700 Song Suggestions. Click here to browse ...