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How To Keep Your Hands Energized As A Performer

Have you ever felt like your hands were two dead weights when you got up to perform or make a presentation? I know, right?! You are not alone! This is a really common challenge and after many years of teaching, I finally came up with a solution - don't worry - it's really easy! Check it out here - let me know if it works!  #TeachingRedhead #LaughingRedhead #PerformanceTips #PublicSpeakingTips

Exercises For Jaw Tension

Jaw Tension is so common, especially when performing or presenting - it's just one way your pesky nerves like to express themselves. Here's two things to try to train your jaw to stay relaxed when you're in front of an audience - check it out! #TeachingRedhead #JawTension #PerformanceTips #PublicSpeakingTips

How To End Your Piece Properly

So you've sung the song, said the monologue, finished the presentation and ... how do you end it? How do you indicate to your audience that you're done? This is my three point teaching on how to end your piece - take a look!  #Performing #PublicSpeaking #HowToEnd #TeachingRedhead #LaughingRedhead

What Should I Wear To Perform?

The age old question: "What should I wear?!!" My answer? Whatever makes you feel fabulous, because you are enough. Check out my stance on costumes and outfits for performing and public speaking. #Performing #PublicSpeaking #Costumes #Outfits

How Should You Handle A Friend's Success?

In the arts, rejection is common. But what do you do when you got a no, but your friend got a yes? Here's what I do when faced with the triumph of a friend or colleague, that was something I was hoping to attain myself ...  #Rejection #NavigatingDisappointment #ArtistLife

Hand Tension: How To Get Rid Of It

Do your hands clench up with tension whenever you're performing or presenting? You are not alone! It's a really common problem and it's just your pesky nerves making themselves known. Here's something you can try to rid your hands of tension forever! I hope it's helpful. #HandTension #Performing #Presenting #PublicSpeaking #LaughingRedhead #TeachingRedhead

How To Bow

I swear it's some kind of disease because so many performers don't know how to bow properly! I learned how from the best (David Connolly!) so now I'm passing it along - enjoy!  #Performing #Bowing #Breath